How can I get materials for my classes on reserve?

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Information for Faculty

While we are in a remote learning situation during the pandemic, some of our processes are a little different:

  • Please submit requests to scan material for course reserves into Blackboard or Moodle here.    
  • We will scan entire selections or entire books for items held in the UMass Amherst Libraries collections when needed for research or instruction (to support this emergency-related copyright exception). 
  • If we do not own the item requested, we will attempt to purchase a digital version.  If no digital version exists, we will purchase a physical copy, then digitize it for integration via Blackboard or Moodle. Please note that many of our vendors are delaying shipment of non-essential goods, so orders may not arrive until the end of April.
  • We will process requests in the order request was received.  We cannot promise timely fulfillment for this service if demand for it dramatically increases. 

If you have further questions, please contact

Information for Students

You can find online course materials requested by your instructor for your class through your course’s Blackboard and/or Moodle page.

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