How can I access the New York Times, Boston Globe and other newspapers?

What newspapers are available electronically off-campus?

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We have access to hundreds of newspapers through several of our databases. The format of the newspapers is different depending on the database. Please note that most of our resources may not have a visual image of the newspaper article; many of them are text-only.

New York Times

The New York Times offers a four year renewable Academic Pass to its website. To find out how to set up your Academic Pass, please see the New York Times Online research guide.

Please note that the Academic Pass will expire after four years and you will need to sign up for a new Academic Pass.

Boston Globe

Current articles (text only): Boston Globe

Current articles in digital microfilm: Boston Globe Digital Microfilm (has a three month delay)

Daily Hampshire Gazette, Amherst Bulletin, The Republican and the Valley Advocate

Use the Western Massachusetts Newspapers database. If you would like to browse the text-only articles of a specific newspaper, please do the following once you are in the database:

  1. Go to the top and select A-Z Source List.
  2. In the search box to the right of All Sources, type in the name of the newspaper.
  3. When your newspaper appears in the list, click on the name of the newspaper.
  4. This brings you to a calendar view of the newspaper issues. Click on the date you would like to browse.


You can browse over 7,000 magazines and journals on the PressReader platform. This includes major American newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, as well as newspapers from across the globe in many different languages.

Finding Specific Newspapers

  1. Go to the Libraries' web site.
  2. In the search box, change "Discovery Search" to "E-journals," and enter the name of your newspaper.
  3. Below the name of the newspaper, you can see if we have full text for the newspaper. It will list the databases that have the newspaper, along with the dates that are available electronically. If we have it from multiple sources, you'll see all of them listed, including the dates available.
  4. Once you've identified which option has the year you need, click on it. If you're on campus, you'll go straight to the database. If you're off-campus, you'll be prompted to log in using your NetID and password.
  5. Next, you'll go to the newspaper's page in the database.
  6. Once you're on the newspaper's page, you'll look for the current issue or past issues. Depending on the database, this may be in different areas. Click around and explore to find what you need!

Browsing Newspaper Collections

To see what newspaper collections we have, go to the Databases A-Z list. Click on All Subjects and change it to Newspaper Collection to see the many different collections we have.

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